Thursday, August 19, 2010 Now in Sheffield is now open at their new location 401 Cox Boulevard, Sheffield, Alabama. Their new phone number is 256-710-8692.

I was in recently talking with Jim and Cindy about how much work they had done since I had seen them only eight days before. When I last saw them they were standing in a building stacked with boxes, furniture, counters not installed, nothing on the walls--and that was just the front.

The new kitchen which tripled space for them was even in more of a mess. When they gave me the date they would be opening I thought, "Well! That is a good goal but you should at least make it realistic." Little did I know the capabilities of these two hard working people. Not only did they make the date, but they did not look in any worse wear for it. Well! At least Cindy did not look as if she had stormed “Pork Chop Hill.”

As we talked they mentioned that
earthmomma, one of my favorite posters on the TimesDaily Forum, had dropped by to see their new location. While there she had ordered a Melted Cheese Sandwich. They were telling me about the sandwich they served her, and it sounded so good I ordered one.

Now! I’m not so sure this is the same type cheese sandwich since they have so many versions, but this one was my pick. It had three different types of cheeses, sauteed onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. The cheeses blended well together with the other ingredients. The bread was toasted to perfection and had just the right crunch that made it a probably one of the best melted cheeses I have had in a restaurant.

Over the years Jim and Cindy have built a good business with just plain good food and wonderful service. So! If you want to be treated like family and not a customer I suggest you drop in and give them a try.

Until next time, don’t let the grease pop on ya!


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